Is A GPS Covered By An Auto Policy?

A few may view them as science fiction gone wild. Some see them as indispensable time saving and possibly life-saving tools. Regardless of your feelings about Global Positioning Systems (GPS), they remain to occupy the dashboards of millions of U.S. automobiles each year. The pervasiveness and expense of the technology has drivers asking if their GPS systems are covered by their auto insurance.

Personal Auto Insurance

Whether its finding alternative routes to beat traffic or an Italian restaurant for the family, drivers rely on their GPS to get them places without the stress of winding up along side of a highway with no gas and crying children.

If you depend on your GPS to maintain safety and sanity in your personal vehicle, you might want to call your independent insurance agent and request that your auto insurance policy contract be endorsed to cover the system; failure to make this request will probably result in no coverage for the system after a loss. This is because nearly all personal auto policy contracts strictly restrict or totally exclude coverage for GPS and other electronic devices in your car that are not used to operate the vehicle. A few policy contracts will offer limited coverage for GPS devices that are built into the vehicle by the manufacturer or even a few portable systems; however this is not the case for all policy contracts and those that do incorporate coverage are limited.

Business Auto Insurance

Every business person who has had problems finding a job site or received poorly written directions to a meeting can attest to the importance of a GPS system. Many businesses purchase thousands of dollars worth of such systems for mobile members of their team—an investment that might be gone if the GPS system is damaged or stolen.

Similar to personal auto insurance policies, providing coverage on a GPS device under a business auto insurance policy contract probably requires a phone call to your insurance agent. Your independent insurance agent may have the ability to endorse your policy contract to incorporate coverage for the GPS system. This endorsement is essential for nearly all business auto policies—those that do extend coverage to the GPS system will do so only in a limited number of ways; still leaving you with a bill for the damages.

Moral of the Story: Call Your independent insurance agent

Regardless of how well you are at finding your destinations, losing the ability to use your GPS system because it is damaged or stolen is frustrating and costly. Your agent will assist you and find out how much coverage your current auto policy contract will offer towards replacing or repairing the damaged system. If your current auto policy contract does not offer every coverage, your agent can consult with you on how to find coverage for this particular kind of equipment.