Protect Your Home

We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive coverage that is tailored to your individual home and possessions. Our carriers offer quality coverage along with many options to personalize your protection.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to protecting your home and it takes years of experience to identify the proper coverages for each unique situation. We endeavor to find the best insurance product for your needs while at the same time, maintaining a competitive edge in pricing.

  • Homeowners insurance protects you from a multitude of standard risks or “perils” that often result in damage or total loss of your home, adjacent structures or your personal property. Most homeowner's policies provide for repair or replacement caused by:
    • Fire
    • Weather
    • Electrical surge damage
    • Equipment failure
    • Explosions
    • Glass breakage
    • Collapse of roof or walls
    • Falling trees and objects
    • Damage by vehicles
    • Theft or burglary
    • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • In this day in age, law suites are extremely common and all it takes is something as simple as a neighbor tripping on your front porch to trigger enormous liability expenses. This coverage applies whether the accident occurred on your property or anywhere else. Liability protection covers medical expenses and other compensations for injuries, and costs of a liability lawsuit for a covered incident.

    It is important to know how much your assets are worth to determine the correct amount of liability coverage. In some cases, it may be necessary to get an umbrella if your homeowner's liability coverage is not sufficient or broad enough to cover all of your assets.
  • Depending on your individual needs, you may be interested in learning about some additional coverages that can be added to your standard Homeowners police. Available coverages or "endorsements" vary depending on the insurance company. Our agents can help you understand your options but below are some samples of special endorsements that are commonly accepted by our carriers.
    • Replacement Cost - Most homes today could not be rebuilt for what they are currently worth. With replacement cost coverage, the insurance company will replace your dwelling and contents at today's costs based on the underlying coverage limits of your policy. Without this coverage, any claim would be adjusted for depreciation so make sure to read your policy and know the method the company uses to compensate you in the event of a claim.
    • Home Business - A standard homeowner's policy may only provide a small amount of protection for personal property used for business purposes. If you run a business out of your home, a permitted incidental occupancies endorsement protects business equipment and can also protect you from the potential liability if you meet clients at your home.
    • Scheduled Personal Property - We recommend purchasing this coverage if you own "high valued" personal property that could possibly exceed the limits of your policy. These may include jewelry, collections, fine arts, electronics, athletic equipment, etc.
    • Mechanical Breakdown - This is a special coverage that not every insurance company offers. It will pay to replace common household devices in the event of a breakdown. An example would be an air conditioning unit or water heater that unexpectedly quits.