Transporting Kids To School Events

Each year, children all over the country start school and become involved in sports, clubs and other school activities. During this time, it's common to see parents and teachers driving the kids to their school and sporting events using either their own vehicle or one provided to them. In these cases, it would seem as though one would be more interested in keeping their sanity than considering how their auto insurance would respond if they are involved in an at-fault accident.

In the event of an auto accident, the driver could be considered liable for their passenger's medical bills from injuries they sustained from the collision. The good news is, most car insurance policies will cover other passengers while driving your own vehicle. However, if you borrow or rent a vehicle that meets an ineligible size or type, it's very possible that your auto insurance may restrict coverage.

In addition to driving vehicles that are considered ineligible, another issue could be a vehicle that is rented or provided to you for regular use. These vehicles are restricted on most auto insurance policies and this should prompt you to verify that a policy is in place on that vehicle that will provide adequate coverage in case a loss does occur.

The fact is, medical bills can amount to a significant sum and it's not uncommon to see adults carrying the state minimum limit of liability. These minimum limit policies are normally far from adequate. One injury could add up to $100,000 in no time and there are have been cases of auto accidents that end up costing over one million dollars. Another important fact to be aware of, the liability limits you carry are also used for injuries that are sustained by the passengers in the other vehicle (if one exists) so this could further exhaust your liability limits.

In conclusion, it's highly recommended to maintain the highest limits of liability that are available. These limits can also be combined with a personal umbrella policy, which often provide liability protection over one million dollars. Regardless if you are a teacher, coach, or parent, you should be concerned with the prospect of being personally liable for any passenger injuries after an at fault accident.