What to do after an auto accident

  1. Most importantly, stay calm. Getting upset, or worse, yelling and screaming, solves nothing. Even if the other person isn't calm, you should remain calm.
  2. Don't move an injured person -- unless they're in immediate danger.
  3. Don't move your vehicle unless it impedes traffic. This alters the scene and could have negative impacts on a claim.
  4. Don't leave the scene of an accident even if you are capable of doing so. Wait for the police to arrive as they provide an objective witness to the event, and wait for them to say its okay to go. If you leave because the other driver says its okay that won't protect you if they later file for injuries. If you leave, they may not and you could be accused of a hit and run. Keep in mind that some injuries don't show up immediately.
  5. Don't blame the accident on anyone -- including yourself. Give your full description of the accident only to the investigating police officer.

  6. Exchange information with the other driver. Immediately note the license plate number of other involved vehicles, color and model just in case someone refused to give you insurance information.
  7. Contact us or your insurance company immediately. Don't assume we'll find out another way. It's always better to hear from you or someone you designate to call us.